2021/22 Group Programme

Welcome members and non members to the 2021/22 Meeting Year. Like most things in life at the moment, we will be doing things a little differenty this year, but the Committee have lined up a great selection of topics and speakers for you. We will also be trying meetings at different times of the day this year.

Thursday 7th October 2021, 14:00 Zoom Meeting - Welding & Occupational Hygienst Expectations

The status of Welding fume changed in 2019 as the link to lung cancer was formally recognised. All welding now requires control of welding fume, but what should you do?

Parmjit Gahir,  HSE HM Principal Specialist Inspector, will be presenting to the Group on Welding and the priorities an Occupational Hygienist would have in relation to welding fume and controls.

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The presentation will be available to download from here soon. 

4th November 2021, 14:00,  - Avoiding Danger From Underground Services. 

Underground services remain a significant hazards in almost all sectors, whether ground works companies or offices having a car park re-surfaced. Steve Walker, MD of CSTA Global will present to the Group on this important topic

2nd December 2021, 14:00, The Limes, Faversham - H&S Challenges in Britain's Oldest Brewer

KHSG Member Harry Collin will present on H&S Challenges and Solutions at Shepherd Neame

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The presentation will be available to download from here soon. 

6th January 2022, 14:00, Zoom Meeting - Chemical First Aid. 

Kate Joy from Diphex Solution Limited will talk to the Group on Chemical First Aid. With a wide variety of chemicals in the workplace providing effective and appropriate first aid can be difficult. Kate will take the Group through how this can be planned and how better first aid products can minimise injury and aid recovery

3rd February 2022, 14:00, Zoom - Time To Talk Day. 

The Group has marked this date for the past three years with wonderfully interactive sessions. On the day the Group completed the sentence challenge with this:

"It's time to talk because your mental health matters"

3rd March 2022, 14:00, Dog & Bear Lenham ME17 2PG- Managing an Incident.

H&K Services, KHSG Corporate Partner, will present to the Group on how to best manage an incident. Actions taken at the scene and immediately afterwards can have a critical impact on all outcomes.

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The presentation will be available to download from here soon. 

7th April 2021, 14:00, Spitfire, Kings Hill ME19 4AU - HSE Update.

Mike Walters, HSE Principal Inspector, Construction South East & KHSG President, will give the Group his annual update from HSE .

12th May 2022, 14:00, Marine Hotel, Whitstable CT5 2BE - Loss of our Pollinators.

Maureen Rainey of Kent Wildlife Trust will present to the Group on Pollinator Friendly Gardening. Members will learn how they can play their part to help our pollinators at home and at company premises.

Friday 10th June 2022, - AGM & The Role of Effective Supervision

Shepherd Neame Brewery, Faversham

Our AGM will be followed by a presentation by KHSG Corporate Partner Lighthouse Safety.

There will be opportunity to meet for lunch at 12:00 at the Sun Inn Faversham, or possibly a Brewery Tour at the same time. Please let us know if you intend to come for lunch or would like a brewery tour

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The Presentation will be available to download from here soon